• 29 million inhabitants, 80% of whom are rural
  • Official language: Malagasy, French
  • Currency: Ariary
  • Peoples and ethnic groups: Eastern origin, South East Asia, Africa
  • Religions: Christians, Muslims (10%)
The island of Madagascar, located in the Indian Ocean 400 km east of the African coast, is the territory occupied by the Republic of Madagascar. The Mozambique Channel separates it from the mainland.
The island of Madagascar separated from the African continent about 120 million years ago, due to continental drift.
It can be divided into five geographical regions: the East Coast, the Tsaratanana Massif, the Central Highlands, the West Coast and the Southwest.

In the heart of the slums in Madagascar

Our association supports the associative school l’île aux enfants, which works to educate children in the slums of Antananarivo.
Le Regard d’Anna is present alongside the association by contributing to the financing of children attending kindergarten: education – health – food.
Le Regard d’Anna also intervenes for young people without families for whom a home has just been built and during epidemics linked to Covid or bad weather.
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