Our Actions

Le Regard d’Anna responds to the call of children and looks at all kinds of vulnerabilities: thousands of children in Madagascar and Vietnam are too poor to go to school. Their fragility calls all the more for help, for compassion, for love. Poor and vulnerable children are the future of their country, because they can become, if given the means, models of responsibility that we want to follow and imitate.
Faced with the suffering of children and families living in a state of extreme poverty, Le Regard d’Anna wishes to meet their vital needs and recognize their dignity. Le Regard d’Anna supports educational projects for the benefit of underprivileged populations. The association wishes to educate, train and support children in order to enable them to build themselves morally emotionally and intellectually.

Our action priorities

  • Help in the slums: Rural exodus and migration lead to a concentration of population around cities all over the world. From this disorderly and often rapid growth are born shantytowns that develop on the outskirts. Misery and violence are concentrated there.
  • Education: In Madagascar, the Constitution requires the State to organize “public education, free and accessible to all” but in fact, school, even public, is far from free Faced with these considerable costs for most vulnerable households, many parents cannot send their child to school.
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Our countries of action

  • Madagascar: In Madagascar, Le regard d’Anna helps the poorest children thanks to the actions of the associative school l’île aux enfants which works for the education of children from one of the poorest districts of the capital, Tananarive.
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  • Vietnam: Sapa district is one of the poorest in the country. Despite the efforts of the Vietnamese government and the presence of mass tourism, precariousness and marginalization persist for certain ethnic groups. Le Regard d’Anna has participated in several projects.
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