Our Ressources

The association “Le Regard d’Anna” works thanks to the contributions of its members, donations and subsidies.

Join the association

Engaging in an association allows you to get involved in a project and defend a good cause. This involvement is a means of personal development, while providing help to society on a specific subject.
In addition, joining an association allows you to discover new perspectives and meet new people.
Le Regard d’Anna, comme toutes les associations, a besoin de ses adhérents pour un fonctionnement optimum. 

Make a donation to the Association

Donations help to carry out the association’s projects. Thanks to the generosity of donors, Le Regard d’Anna was able to bring smiles to many children in Vietnam and Madagascar.


Le Regard d’Anna supports educational projects for the benefit of underprivileged populations. The association wishes to educate, train and support children in order to enable them to build themselves morally emotionally and intellectually.
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Support a project

Our projects are local initiatives aimed at improving the living conditions, health and schooling of children. By supporting a local structure, we create an environment conducive to the development of these children.
The projects in which we invest meet the basic needs that we see on the ground.


You can help us develop one of our projects by participating in its financing. You will receive regular information through a newsletter specific to the operation.
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Our local resources

Each year, to finance its actions, the association “Le Regard d’Anna” organizes or participates in the organization of sporting or cultural events that take place in Vaison la Romaine or in its region. The financial resources collected are fully used to finance the development actions carried out by the association.

Trail du Ventoux

The Trail du Ventoux is a trail race that takes place every year on Mont Ventoux in the department of Vaucluse. The race has been taking place since 2004, with the main course forming a loop starting in Bédoin passing over the summit of Mont Ventoux. The route of the 2019 edition is 46 km long with an elevation gain of 2,036 m. The event has a national reputation and attracts several top athletes.


The association participates in the organization of this event by taking charge of the supplies and the water point on the North face.

Reg'Art en Scène

The “Le Regard d’Anna” association, in partnership with the Cité Scolaire de Vaison-la-Romaine, has been organizing its “Young talents” show since 2017. The main motivation of the organizers is to allow young people, mostly from Vaison -Ventoux, to express oneself on a stage (singing, music, dancing…).


These Reg’art en scène allow young people who want to test themselves on stage to take their first steps in front of the public, or to try new practices. They also attract entertainment professionals looking for new talent.
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Lapierre GF Mont Ventoux

The Lapierre GF Mont Ventoux is an international cyclosportive which is organized in such a way as to provide amateurs with an unforgettable experience. The concept offers everyone the opportunity to “become a professional” for a day. The race is organized with large resources, motorbikes and race info cars, cameramen, blackboard, breakdown cars, press cars and guests…just like on the Tour! All in a dream setting, La Provence, and around a mythical place: Mont Ventoux.


The association participates in the organization of this event by providing flagman posts and the distribution of bibs

Choir Gospel of Vaison

Born in October 2015, this choir, made up of around forty singers, has already had numerous concerts and good stage experience to its credit. The choir explores the great standards of Gospel and Negro-Spiritual as well as other lesser-known titles…
At each of its performances, the Vaison Gospel Choir wins over its audience with its vocal quality and enthusiasm. The association will participate in the organization of this evening by providing the refreshment bar.

Récital Emmanuelle STEFAN

For me, Anna’s Gaze represents hope, and an idea that I find very beautiful: that we all have a role to play for the common good in our world.


As an ambassador for the association against early childhood poverty Le Regard d’Anna, I support the action of Martine and Pierre Scherer and their entire team, and hope that my music will convey our message of solidarity and love.
Each year, the pianist accompanies the association by participating in a recital in Vaison la Romaine.
Emmanuelle STEFAN

Great solidarity lotto

“Le Regard d’Anna” organizes a big Loto Solidaire every year, which aims to finance the association’s humanitarian projects. The evening takes place at the cultural center of Vaison la Romaine.


Thanks to generous partners, the association offers a convivial evening and numerous prizes.


A very good evening guaranteed!!!
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