Board of directors

The association “Le regard d’Anna” is a non-profit association under the 1901 law. It is made up of members and subscribers, who meet in a General Assembly once a year, and is managed by a Board of Directors and a Bureau which meet monthly. The members of the Board of Directors and the Bureau act as volunteers and do not receive any remuneration.
  • Martine Béthencourt-Scherer, President
  • Magali Ferret, Vice-President
  • Anne Marie Dorgal, Secretary
  • Pierre Scherer, Assistant Secretary
  • Magali Campana, Trésorière
  • Ann Andrieu
  • Léa Andrieu
  • Julie Artiaga
  • Chantal Bastet
  • Jean Michel Berthod
  • Béatrice Coutier

The functions of the members of the Bureau indicated in bold

  • Elia Justes
  • Henk Kouwenhoven
  • Virginie Lenoir
  • Jade Lonchamp
  • Pierline Patron
  • Camille Scherer
  • Camille Rolland
  • Daniel Rolland
  • David Senente
  • Séverine Thieffry
  • André Thonard

The Family Council (Consultative)

  • Alain Béthencourt
  • Francis Béthencourt
  • Georges Béthencourt
  • Martine Béthencourt – Pelletier
  • Patricia Béthencourt
  • Micheline Decoster
  • Isabelle Pouilloux
  • Cathy Sarot
  • Eddy Sarot
  • Antoinette Scherer
  • Christian Vallois

Honorary members

  • Gilles Delassus
  • Philippe Würsten

Statutes of the Association

General Meeting of 03/31/2023

Historical Board members

  • Léa Andrieu
  • Julie Artiaga
  • Elia Justes
  • Ode Siméon