2021 - Le Regard d'Anna is exported to Réunion

We met a few days ago in St Pierre, Laurent FERRARI, head of Reunion island school for children in Antananarivo.
On this occasion, on behalf of our association, we presented her with Anna’s gaze, Anna LE Regard 200 toothbrushes and 50 tubes of toothpaste collected by the house of high school students (MDL) of the Vaison la Romaine school complex.
80 pairs of corrective glasses were also donated by final year students from the LPP le Marais St Thérèse in Saint Etienne (Loire) as part of their “masterpiece”. Optical training. Thanks to Isabelle POUILLOUX their teacher.
Finally, a big thank you again to Jean-Louis Prianon for his welcome on his Island and his benevolent view of our association :
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