The association

Educate, train and support

Le Regard d’Anna is a charitable association in which its founders undertake in their actions to respect the moral teaching that results from it. The only authority on which it depends is that provided for in its statutes.
Our association takes up Anna’s desire to get involved in the living environment of children under 6 years old. The association helps all children in difficulty regardless of their religious or philosophical affiliation.
Faced with the suffering of children and families who live in a state of extreme poverty. le Regard d’Anna wishes to respond to their vital needs and recognize their dignity.
The Association wishes to educate, train and support children in order to enable them to build themselves morally emotionally and intellectually.
Strong values bring together the members of the Board of Directors who intend to share these same values with all the people (delegates, volunteers, employees) who will have to intervene to achieve our objectives.

these values are:

Trust: in order to establish a real relationship of trust between donors, local populations and our employees.
Accountability: ensuring that all our actions are carried out in total transparency by empowering our local representatives.
Listening: clearly highlight the needs of children by being close to them and their families.
Solidarity: create a link that allows children to access their autonomy as soon as possible so that they can then, in turn, be links in a chain of solidarity.

Actions :

At the local level: allow young talents in the school district to have a place of expression – (Reg’art en scène)
Internationally: helping underprivileged children around the world


Our financial means (resources): memberships, shows, lotto, sale of t-shirts, bracelets, bags…
The Association Le Regard d’Anna is the follow-up to a life project put forward by Anna Scherer, a 15-year-old girl focused on the living conditions of early childhood.
On a trip to Vietnam with her family in the summer of 2016, she looked at the young children in the rice fields of the Sapa region. On the paths in the morning, these children roam the day with very often a little brother or a little sister harnessed in the back. Parents and grandparents do not have time to take care of their children and grandchildren being at work to ensure the survival of the family.
Anna asked herself many questions about the health of her children, their living conditions and their education. She expressed the desire to get involved in the evolution of their living environment during her studies as a pediatrician that she was considering and during a future NGO in which she would participate.
Anna did not have time to carry out her project, she died on August 21, 2016, in China, probably a victim of dengue fever contracted in Vietnam.
Her family, her friends decided to pursue her intentions by founding an association “Le Regard d’Anna”.