2022 - Reg'Art on stage

The “Le Regard d’Anna” association, in partnership with the Cité Scolaire de Vaison-la-Romaine, has been organizing its 5th “Young talents” show since 2017. The main motivation of the organizers is to allow young people, mostly from the territory Vaison-Ventoux, to express oneself on a stage (singing, music, dancing, etc.).

Each year, the association Le Regard d’Anna organizes, in partnership with the school complex, an evening intended to allow young talents to perform on stage. “Anyone can participate, alone or in a group, explains the president of the association, Martine Bettencourt-Scherer.

Preparatory auditions take place, which also make it possible to determine the program for this evening. There is no selection.

These Reg’art en scène allow young people who want to test themselves on stage to take their first steps in front of the public, or to try new practices. They also attract entertainment professionals looking for new talent. Last year, Horgan, a Malaucian artist, seen on the stage of the Nymphée, which hosted the evening, was asked to open for Vianney.

“Reg’art en scène” comes from the name of the association “Le Regard d’Anna”, for Anna Scherer, a pupil of the Stéphane Hessel high school, who died in 2016. The association was created to implement the project that she had to become a pediatrician and help children around the world. Anna had another motivation, the music she practiced in the CHAM class of the Cité Scolaire de Vaison.

After two years of mission in northern Vietnam, the association Le Regard d’Anna opens, in September 2020, a first kindergarten class within the associative school l’Ile aux enfants then a second in 2021. The children, 29 in number, come from the slums of Antananarivo. Going to school is for them, the insurance to eat, to be cared for, to play and to learn to hope for a less hard life…

Article “The Local Gazette”
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