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September 2021 – It's back to school for the 7 school hens!

From now on, our students will meet 7 cocottes on a daily basis!

The idea is simple: fight against food waste in the canteen and recycle our waste (peelings, etc.) in return for seven eggs laid every day that “responsible” kindergarten children will bring back to the school kitchen, will also be an opportunity to make delicious recipes in class.
The school has also set up an educational wall to design its teaching differently!
The idea of initiating rituals around the chicken coop took shape when we were thinking about sustainable development.
A wall of interactive activities has been set up to encourage children’s involvement in their learning and empower them each day of egg collection

Le Regard d’Anna participated in this project by providing funding for the purchase of equipment for the construction of the chicken coop

Nos Actions

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