2019 - Reg'Art in the stars​

It’s been two years and seven months since Anna Scherer, a student at Joseph-D’Arbaud college and then at Stéphane-Hessel high school, left us, probably a victim of dengue fever in Vietnam. On September 12, 2016, her family, her friends, her teachers decided to unite to accompany Anna and tell her in poems and songs the happiness she brought, the joys, the dreams she had shared with them.
Passionate about musical performances, student in Cham class (class with arranged hours for music and choral singing) during all her years of college, Anna was involved in musicals. She had sung in La Cabro d’Or at the Opéra Grand Avignon and in Bienvenue à Marseille at the ancient theater in Vaison.
An association was also born, “Le Regard d’Anna”, to implement and accomplish the solidarity projects that Anna Schere wished to lead. Because Anna also had a “social DNA”, that of all these women who come to the aid of people in difficulty. This is why she decided to become a pediatrician to help minority children in North Vietnam.

A musical written by 150 young people
On the initiative of two of his teachers, Régine Ogier Liauraud and Thibaut Plantevin, a musical “Le Reg’Art dans les étoiles” was entirely written, words and music, by 150 student volunteers, 42 of whom will be on stage. Young people from two second classes, Cham classes supported by twelve teachers of French, plastic arts, mathematics, musical education and choral singing from the school district of Vaison.
“This event is of real pedagogical, educational and rewarding interest for all these students who have worked in groups, made great efforts, shown imagination, expressed themselves to carry out this project” confides Florent Briard, headmaster of the school complex. . “And to give it more scope, we have signed a three-year agreement with the association “Le Regard d’Anna”, to also honor young people from the Vaison-Ventoux intermunicipal community.”

Article “Provence” – 03/27/2019
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