Le Regard d'Anna
Feed, care, educate
Le Regard d'Anna
Feed, care, educate
Le Regard d'Anna
Feed, care, educate
Le Regard d'Anna
Feed, care, educate
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The Association Le Regard d’Anna is the follow-up to a life project put forward by Anna Scherer, a 15-year-old girl focused on the living conditions of early childhood. Traveling to Vietnam with her family in the summer of 2016, she looked at the young children in the rice fields of the Sapa region. On the paths in the morning, these children wander around during the day very often with a little brother or sister strapped to their backs, parents and grandparents not having time to take care of their children and grandchildren being at home. work to ensure the survival of the family. Anna asked herself many questions about the health of these children, their living conditions and their education. She expressed the desire to get involved in the evolution of their living environment during her studies as a pediatrician that she was considering and during a future NGO in which she would participate. Anna did not have time to carry out her project, she died on August 21, 2016, in China, probably a victim of dengue fever contracted in Vietnam.​​
Her family, her friends decided to pursue her intentions by founding an association “Le Regard d’Anna”.

Our Actions

Le Regard d'Anna is a partner of the association
l'Île aux Enfants in Madagascar

Support for the annual operating cost
of 2 kindergarten classes (28 children)

Ile aux Enfants - Madagascar


The action of our association is located in North Vietnam in the region of Sapa. This region is populated by ethnic minorities who remain outside the economic development of large cities.
Le Regard d’Anna has intervened with the Sapa Hope Center association by providing funding for development programs aimed at improving the living and educational conditions of poor children.


In Madagascar, our association supports the associative school l’île aux enfants, which works to educate children in the slums of Tananarive.
Le Regard d’Anna is present alongside the association by contributing to the financing of children attending kindergarten: education – health – food.
Le Regard d’Anna also intervenes for young people without families for whom a home has just been built and during epidemics linked to Covid or bad weather.
Sapa Hope Center - Vietnam

Concrete help for a better and caring world

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